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Tasselnfringe.com specializes in decorator tassels, beaded fringe, beaded tassels, cording, tiebacks, cord with lip, honor cordgraduation chair ties and Christmas ornaments at wholesale discount pricing.

We are adding many new products, so be sure to check our New Arrivals every time you visit.

Graduation Cords for graduation ceremonies, all colors Honor Cord
93 Unique Styles
Graduation Tassels  |   Honor Cords  |Graduation Cords  |  Academic Tassels   Satin Honor Stoles for Graduation, sashes, stoles 
Honor cord Colors  Graduation Stoles & sashes |Key Chain Tassels  |  Tassels for College  |  Tassels for High School  |  Tassels for Kindergarteners

Tassels Tassel
401 Unique Styles

 Bookmark Tassel | New! Key Tassel | Turk Knot Tassel | Small Tassels |  French Braided Tassel | Tassel W/Wood Work | Brass Tassel | Metallic Gold Collection | Graduation Tassel | Beaded Tassel | Classic Tassels | Tinsel Collection | Beads Turk Knot Tassels | View from Tassels Category

Beaded Collection napkin ring
901 Unique Styles

Beaded Fringes | Beaded Tassels| New!  Bugle & Seed Glass Beaded Fringe | New!   Crystal Bead & Trim Beaded Coasters | Beaded Trim / Borders | Beaded Ornaments | Beaded Ornaments Beaded | Napkin Rings New! | Beaded Purses| Beaded Purses Beaded Tiebacks| Beaded Cords| CordsWooden Beaded Fringes  |  New! Beaded Cord w/ Lip | Bead Tieback New! |  Beaded Boxes | New!   Beaded Border & Trim |  Beaded Table Covers & Toppers | Beaded Place Mats  New!

Tiebacks tie back
85 Unique Styles
Single Tassel Tieback | Wooden Tieback
| Double Tassel Tieback | Specials | Beaded Tiebacks New! | Tieback with Ceramic Body | Tieback with Wooden Body New! | Cotton & Jute Tie Backs  New! | Wood Tie backs  New! Drapery Cords New!

Chair Cords & Ties chairtie
21 Unique Styles

Braided Cord W/Tassel
Drapery Cords

Wide selection at discount prices. Order online from our Stock Products  for fast shipment. Most orders shipped same day.

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Graduation Stoles / Honors Sash - all colors Honor Stoles
93 Unique Styles
Plain Stoles  |   One Side Embroidery Stoles  |Two Side Embroidery Stoles   | Stoles with Logo   V Stoles
Honor cord Colors  Graduation Stoles & sashes  |

Fringes Bead Fringe
501 Unique Styles

Bullion Fringe | Brush Fringe | Tassel Fringe | Glass Beaded Fringe |  New!  Bugle & Seed Glass Beaded Fringe | Crystal Bead Fringe |  Wooden Beaded Fringe | Jute Fringe | Borders | Ribbons | Gimps | Metallic Fringe | Laces | Pom Pom Fringe | Bead Border & Trim | Beaded Jacquard Ribbons & Borders New! 

coaster Napkin Rings & Coasters  21 Unique Styles
Beaded Coasters | Beaded Napkin Rings New!
| Bone Napkin Rings |Brass Napkin Rings | Beaded Toppers & Placemats New!

Decorator Cording cord
40 Unique Styles

GraduationCords | Cords | Cord W/Lip | Wine Cords | Christmas Decorative Cords | Invitation & Menu Cords | Beaded Cords | Beaded Cord w/ Lip Drapery Cords New!

Christmas CLICK HERE to buy Wine Bottle  Bags. Largest 

selection and lowest prices on the web.
142 Unique Styles

Christmas Stockings| Christmas Collection| Ornaments| Ornaments| Trims |Tree Skirts & Stocking |Tinsel Collection| Wine Bottle bags & Covers | Gift Bags|

Gifts Boxes & Bagsbottle cover
21 Unique Styles

Jute Bags Jute BagsGift Bags Shopping Bags Wine BagBead Bags|
| Wine Bottle bags & Covers |Book Bags/ Pouches

Bead Jewelry, Fashion 

& Costume Jewelry
Cushion Covers, Table Covers & Runners  25 Unique Styles

Table Covers| Cushion Covers| New Cushion Covers


Jewelry, Fashion & Costume Jewelry
Fashion & Costume Jewelry  15 Unique Styles
Pendants| Bracelets
| Rings

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 Beaded Fringe ,  Beaded Tassel, Christmas Tassel, Small & Turk knot Tassel, Bullion Fringe


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Honor Cords

TasselnFringe is the leading manufacturer and exporter of home and hospitality decorative trims, specializes in decorator tassels, beaded fringe, beaded tassels, cording, tiebacks, napkinrings & coasters,  bullion, graduation, chair ties and Christmas ornaments at wholesale discount pricing.... For over 15 years, TasselnFringe has been the leader in the trimming industry. We are known for our high quality products that are manufactured in our own factory. Our total integrated facilities offer fast delivery, diversity of colors, and competitive prices. If there is something you are looking for and you do not see it here, please click or call us today at: 818-638-7272 , fax 404-935-5172, or Email us . We'd love to hear from you. We ship orders throughout the U.S. and World If possible, an email attachment of the item or a sample of the item itself sent to us, would be greatly appreciated.
Discount Pricing is available to all genuine importers, chain stores, & wholesalers for orders above $2000
Give us an idea of what sort of QUANTITIES you are looking to import per item and your TARGET PRICE.  We just need a general idea, and we will send you our Wholesale F.O.B prices. We will match your price.
All our Products are made in-house and can be custom made as per your specifications.
Click under each item (add to cart button) to place a tentative order. Special colors and sizes can be added in the special instructions box at the bottom of the final order page. We will email you a confirming order within 24hrs, usally with photographs of each item ordered.
Minimum quantity is first shown by default per product when you click add to cart, you can increase it according to your requirements.
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All orders are shipped from India andusually take a week for manufacturing, and 2-3 working days in transit through DHL, FedEx  to USA
Products that are kept in stock are shipped same day and takes 3 business days to deliver. If you use a particular item often , let us know and we can hold some stock for your future orders.
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Our web-site is the only form of catalogue that we have available.
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We encourage designers and fabricators to customize our products to meet their project requirements. Our staff values the individual character of design and will always work with a project coordinator one-on-one when custom fabrication is required.

Email us  sales@tasselnfringe.com

Call Us +1 818-638-7272, Fax:+1 404-935-5172,, PH: +91 9868841685 !

Mailing Address: 2885 Sanford Ave SW #14700, Grandville, MI 49418, USA

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We have a LARGE selection of styles and customized colors of Key Tassels, Drapery Tassels, and Drapery Trims to choose from.....

Key Tassels, Drapery Tassels, and Trims are EXCELLENT for adding extra color and style to furniture, curtains, drapes, and home decor.

We have a large selection of drapery tie-backs and tassels at lowest prices

You can find over 1000 Key Tassels, Tie-Backs, Chair-Ties, Drapery Embellishments, and Drapery Trimmings over here



TasselnFringe.com is your direct source for extraordinary line of fine trimmings and tassels, specializing in trimming, Tassels, Fringe, Cording, Drapery Tiebacks, Beaded Fringe, Beaded Tassels, Gimp, Bullion, Chainette Tassels, Floss Tassels, Chair Ties, Honor cords. Graduation Tassel, Bookmark Tassels, and More!

We offer an expansive collection of home decor items in a variety of refined, stylish and classy designs. Each product is created with your individual style and tastes in mind. We also offer items for special occasions that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Custom design & manufacturing is a large part of our business. Please browse our online sample library and look for frequent additions. So, if you have a special need - please feel free to Email Us/ Call Us with your requirements and we will be happy to get back to you. We Guarantee your for the lowest prices, best quality , speedy delivery.


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